ARC asks Leander Herzog a few questions

by ARC

Stream by Leander Herzog

A short interview with a friend and an artist I’ve always admired, Leander Herzog.

As someone with a lot of experience in web development, what are the most straightforward simple things web developers can add to their website to help with accessibility?

Keep things very simple, do not overengineer or overthink things. It's less about what you can add, more about what you can remove, or avoid in the first place.

If you could delete one website from the internet today, what would that website be and why?

I have a hard time finding a good target here. Which is sad as it speaks to the decline of the relevance of the open web. At the same time it's also good, because this means we're getting lost in the domination of big tech – while the networks that got us here are still relatively decentralized and diverse. If I could delete a company, it would be Meta. 

If you get a one million dollar art grant that you have to spend on the making process of one artwork, what would that artwork be?

I would buy as many spraycans as possible and give them to random kids. 

Is there a feature or effect you see in a lot of new websites that gives minimal impact on the visual side of the website but hurt accessibility in a drastic way?

Developers simply using too many new features and frameworks out of curiosity and ignorance. There is too much fucking around combined with a lack of finding out.


Artist, founder of #800x80