The wheelchair art project

by ARC

I've been thinking a lot about creating an art project using my own power wheelchair for a while now, it has all the elements needed to create something very creative, there's already a power source from the wheelchair batteries and several empty spots to mount anything you can possibly think of. 

I'll be using off the shelf equipment for this project since i don't have the ability to make custom solutions right now unfortunately, so I'm thinking of using a portable projector like the Samsung freestyle.

I'll install it in front of the wheelchair pointing towards the ground displaying different types of artworks, the portable projector seems like a good solution since it's quite small and has a portable battery so I don't have to do any dangerous custom wiring to my wheelchair batteries. 

A visualization, wheelchair model not accurate

There's a few problems with the projector route though, like the limited brightness and heat, plus i might not always have the best ground in front of me to project on as well as other difficulties that come with using a projector, so another route could be a portable screen with a built-in battery, those kinds of screens are made for laptops as a second portable screen but they fit this project requirements quite well. 

A visualization, wheelchair model not accurate

For displaying my art on the screen or projector I'm thinking about using a wireless HDMI and just transmit the signal from a nearby laptop or PC, that would be the easiest solution without having to install more hardware on the wheelchair adding unnecessary complexity. 

I'm currently at the planning stages of this project and it's taking me way longer than I expected, it might seem quite straightforward but it's not as simple as just ordering the parts and installing it.

I'll need to figure out how to install everything correctly and safely on my wheelchair, plus needing to coordinate with a few people with expertise to help me install the parts since i can't physically do it myself due to SMA. 

All that aside I'm quite excited about attempting a physical artwork, there's endless possibilities i could try with my wheelchair, like an interactive artwork triggered by people walking beside me or a light trail behind the chair lightning my previous path among other ideas. 

I'll make a follow up blog with updates when i make progress on this project, feel free to message me on twitter or email me on if you have any suggestions or tips. 


Artist, founder of #800x80